In 1988, while in the family home around Christmas time, James was standing alone in the hallway. Whilst looking at a photograph of his grandfather and great- grandfather a most peculiar and unusual feeling came over him which he did not recognise nor understand. So strong was the feeling that he had to find a quiet room where he could sit and attempt to analyse what had just happened to him. He later realised that what he had experienced is called "compacting and communicating."
This is the photograph that James was looking at
This is the photograph that James was looking at.

A Medium explained to James why he had experienced such a strange feeling. This Medium also gave James a message from his Grandfather telling him the names of the people present at his Grandfather's passing. This proved to James that there is "life after death". His Grandfather's message was that he was now in the Spiritual World and that James was to acknowledge this communicating from the "other side".

James has had several mentors who have assisted him in understanding how he can help other people through the gift of healing by contact with the Spirit World.

In 1995, James was led to the Wimbledon Spiritualist Centre to meet the International Healer and Medium Alan Law. Alan had been expecting someone called James to come to him for several years and recognised James and why he was there. Alan encouraged James to use his gifts and to be guided by his natural feelings and allowed him to work with him at the Wimbledon Spiritualist Centre.

Under Alan's guidance, James has since become a member of the Surrey Spiritual Healers Association and the World Federation of Healers. Being registered, it allows him to work in the NHS.

James Pinches was born in Marlow-on-Thames on 17th June 1947. He has two brothers, two sisters and is the second eldest son.

He started to follow the spiritual path as a result of his awakening in 1988.

From this beginning and still continuing to this day, James has an overwhelming desire to help people and pursue a path in search of more knowledge.

In 1993, James knew that he had been chosen to give spiritual healing and with the help of his spiritual guides, he has been administering healing ever since. James has a team of healers in the spirit world and anyone of them could come through to help the person he is working with. James believes in the one creator of the Universe and of all living creatures within it.

Healing is a magnetic energy force that flows through James and some recipients experience such sensations as warmth, cold, or tingling. Even if the recipient does nor feel any sensation, James is confident in the knowledge that healing is being given. It can assist the natural healing of mind and body and the experience is very relaxing.

Some people come to James because they are in pain, are recovering from operations or feel they need additional help other than that available through the medical profession. Others come because they need relief from stress or are suffering long term or terminal illness and are looking for an alternative source of help. Sufferers from cancer, multiple scleroses, migraine, sports injuries and back pain have all benefited from James' healing hands.

James will help anybody who asks him to and will work alongside the medical professional as a spiritual healer. If anyone in hospital wishes to have spiritual healing, they can request it.
James on horseback