Distant Healing

Spiritual healing practised when the patient is not present is called ‘Absent’ (or ‘Distant’) healing and is similar to prayer. It is possible to transmit healing energies over any distance and this form of healing, practised by groups or individuals, can be very effective. The patients may or may not be aware that this healing has been undertaken for them but may obtain much benefit from it, coming as it does from the love and concern that their friends and relatives have for them.

The way I practice distant healing is by including a patient’s name onto my listing which I use almost every day to send out healing energy – the objective being to restore good health through the balancing and harmonising of mind, body and spirit. The patients stay on the list for approximately a calendar month depending on the individual’s symptoms. For this, a charge of £35 is requested.

James will be pleased to undertake distant healing for you, a relative or a friend anywhere in the world. Please contact him by emailing him on info@jamespincheshealer.co.uk and include the patient's name and an address where they are living and their condition. Please remember to send the £35 charge by post to James Pinches, 'Boyce Villa’, Shenmore, Madley, Herefordshire, HR2 9NY. I can work over the phone with the patient if it helps.