In 1988 James first became consciously aware of spirit and since then he has always questioned and received answers in one form or another.

From this beginning and still continuing to this day, James has an overwhelming desire to help people and pursue a path in search of more knowledge.

In 1993, James knew that he had been chosen to give spiritual healing and with the help of his spirit guides, he has been administering healing ever since. James has a team of healers in the spirit world and anyone of them could come through to help the person he is working with. James believes in the one creator of the Universe and of all living creatures within it.

Healing is a magnetic energy force that flows through James and some recipients experience such sensations that James is confident in the knowledge that healing is being given. It can assist the natural healing of mind and body.

For some time now James has realised he has been placed here to work as a Lightworker, to teach and to do a specific job. This was to work with a chosen group in order to be present to re-open a vortex at Burrington Combe, having been present at closing it some 2,000 years ago. Once the vortex was open he continued to work as a healer and working to help and teach people who sought him out. Subsequently, he became aware that his direction was changing, leading him to work with higher dimensions than before.

More recently James found himself drawn towards a high energy which was connecting to him during his meditation. With careful guidance and help, he has been able to strengthen the connection.


The energy that James was linking with was a Collection of Souls. The main name by which they have chosen to be identified is ISHMAYA. There is no connection to any other known person or historical records of that name. Ishmaya connects from an extremely high dimension and has no memory of incarnating on this planet although it physically visited here a very long long time ago.

The reason for this connection is because Ishmaya wishes to communicate with all workers who are ready for this energy.

By helping them in their understanding of what they are achieving in raising the consciousness of all beings on this planet, the work will become easier to comprehend.

This will benefit all on the Earth and enable the acceptance of Light on a wider scale.

Since this connection with Ishmaya, James’ work has been led more than ever towards helping the planet and communicating with Light Workers as the planet is uplifted.

In the awakening everybody is seeking (and receiving) guidance from the Higher Realms. Light Workers are working overtime in awakening all to understand the steps Earth is taking in its ascension.

Ishmaya wants to communicate, through James, to groups or in meetings in order to facilitate the uplifting of all vibrations and help encourage in all the ability to see the way forward. By understanding better the changes and spiritual awakening we are all experiencing, we become better able to cope with the new situations being met.

The aim is to assist everyone on their pathway and enable them to achieve this goal.